July 31st Updates from your Family of Parishes

Registering for Weekend Masses

For all parishes – Please continue to call the office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings to register for the upcoming weekend Mass. If you have to leave a message (messages will be accepted until Thursday at noon), please ensure you leave the names of all attending from your household, and a phone number.

By-law Re: Masks

A reminder: By law, masks are mandatory in all public places. This includes churches; during the entire time you are at Mass with the exception of taking communion. We appreciate everyone’s co-operation.

News from All Saints Parish

Mass intentions for this week at All Saints site, please click the link below

News from St. Charles Garnier and Sacred Heart Parishes

For Mass intentions for this week at St. Charles Garnier site, please click here https://stcharlessacredheart.ca/intentions/

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